Household Members

Many living situations have changed over the last couple of years, and insurance companies want to be aware of all the household members that are driving age living at the same address. If you live with someone and you are not on the same auto insurance policy there could be no coverage if you drive their car. Insurance companies generally cover permissive use, but this is only when you drive someone’s car that you do not live with.

How do we make sure you are covered? In general all people that live in the same household should be on the same auto insurance policy. Some examples include:

  • Spouse
  • Parents
  • Licensed son or daughter regardless of age.
  • Partner (girlfriend/ boyfriend) that lives with you.
  • Nanny or other person that may work for you and live at your home.

All licensed drivers living in your household need to be on your auto policy. If you are living with a licensed driver and they are not on your auto policy, please contact us.

Generally combing policies can provide you better protection, and can result in lower premiums with multi-car and multi-policy discounts available.

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