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2023 Newsletters

July 2023

Scholarship Winner

April 2023

Scholarship Last Chance!

January 2023

Scholarship Announcement

2022 Newsletters

October 2022

Telematics an Option to Lower Auto Rates

January 2022

Inflation, Inflation, Inflation

July 2022

Scholarship Winner

May 2022

Scholarship Announcement

2021 Newsletters

October 2021

Household Members

January 2021

Building Update

August 2021

Inflation in Building Cost

May 2021

Ordinance & Law - The Hidden Coverage

2020 Newsletters

October 2020

Deliveries for a Fee

July 2020

Computer Fraud is on the Rise

January 2020

Choices, Choices. Choice

2019 Newsletters

October 2019

New Location Coming Soon

January 2019

Wildfire Victims Were Largely Underinsured

July 2019

Tornado Impact & Response

April 2019

Non-Weather Related Water Damage is the 2nd Most Common Claim

2018 Newsletters

October 2018

Insurance Gaps When Renting Out Your Home

January 2018

Renovating or Adding an Addition to Your Home or Business

July 2018

Do You or Your Business Operate a Drone? You May Not Be Covered

April 2018

A Simple Way to Secure the Future: Diamond Protector Term

2017 Newsletters

October 2017

Water, Water, Everywhere!

January 2017

Tips for the Cold Winter Months - Home & Auto

July 2017

Special Events May Need Special Insurance Attention

April 2017

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance

2016 Newsletters

October 2016

What is Happening with Auto Insurance?

January 2016

Renting a Car? What to do Before You Even Sit in the Driver's Seat

July 2016

Insurance Coverage for Your College Student

April 2016

Sump Pump Maintenance

2015 Newsletters

October 2015

Health Insurance Open Enrollment is Approaching

July 2015

Term Life Insurance