Inflation, Inflation, Inflation

We continue to see cost of services increase,
and the insurance policies may be falling
behind. Here are some questions to ask if you
are keeping up with inflation.

Business Owners

  1. Has the cost of your inventory increased
    from last year? Do you have the same
    physical inventory but the cost increased to
    buy the material?
  2. If you transport your inventory, what would
    it cost to replace it if it was destroyed in an
  3. Have you purchased new machinery or
    equipment to adjust your business during
    the pandemic?

Building Owners

  1. Have you made any changes to your building that would cost more to repair or replace?
    Such as square footage increase, remodeling, or upgrading the building?
  2. Have you reviewed your building limit? With the increased costs of labor and construction your limit may no longer be adequate.

Our team will continue to review these items with you, but we need your help in keeping us informed as your situations change. Please contact us if your situation has changed.

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