Insurance Rollercoaster

The insurance industry has been unsettled for the last year. We have seen substantial increases in rates and insurance companies not interested in adding new policies to their portfolio. Insurance companies are losing money due to inflation and more catastrophic storms. In 2023 we had 28 different $1 billiolosses, in the last 5 years the average was 18 (CPI adjusted).

“In my 38 years, I have never seen a tougher insurance industry to write new accounts. Many insurance companies are trying to increase premium on current business and are limiting the new accounts to add to their portfolio. This is a good time to work with your current insurance carrier to find the right optionsto renew with.” Kevin Jones, Partner

We see insurance companies writing new accounts, and within the first 30 days they cancel the policy due to underwriting reasons. The prior insurance carrier they were with may choose not to write the policy again, and then we are in a difficult position to find cover.


This is not an attempt for you to feel sorry for the insurance company, but we are trying to explain why insurance companies are raising rates and limiting new policies.

  • Talk to our agency before turning over a smaller homeowner/property claim. A small claim is anything where the insurance company is going to spend $5,000 or less.
  • Review your deductibles on your property policies. Evaluate a $2,500 or $5,000 deductible to show the company you are committed on handling the smaller items on your own.
  • Think twice before changing. If you move to a new carrier, an underwriting cancellation or one claim could mean non-renewal.

We have relationships with our carriers to discuss your specific situation with a human to maximize you coverage. This difficult maet will not last forever, but industry experts do not expect the market to change until 2025 at the earliest. Please check out for more details.

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