Ordinance & Law – The Hidden Coverage

As cities and counties continually change code requirements for new construction, Ordinance & Law Coverage becomes increasingly more important in the event of a claim. This valuable coverage keeps you from having to pay out of pocket for mandatory upgrades to your home, or to cover repairs necessary after various incidents. Here are some of the most common required upgrades.

  • New energy codes: Increasingly the amount of insulation to be in the attic.
  • New fire safety codes: New local codes may dictate stricter fire safety measures. This might involve adding features like fire extinguishers, wired smoke detectors, or adding bedroom windows large enough to accommodate a firefighter wearing an air pack.
  • New handicapped compliance codes: New city legislation may require you to add handicapped- complaint features to your building such as ramps or lowered light switches.
  • New plumbing or wiring codes: Changes in local ordinances may require you to update or upgrade features in your home such as the wiring or plumbing systems for safety reasons such as GFCI outlets.

Many “cheaper” homeowner policies are not including this valuable coverage in their policy, and you are stuck with the additional costs for upgrades. We work hard to provide this protection to our personal and business clients. If you have any questions about your specific coverage, please contact out office.

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