Telematics an Option to Lower Auto Rates

Most of our auto insurance carriers offer some sort of Telematics program.  Telematics is an app that you install on your smart phone.  It typically tracks your speed, mileage, hard braking, hard acceleration,  driving time during the day, and distracted driving.  All programs have a definitive time where your driving is monitored.  Once the period has completed you get a permanent rate adjustment based on your driving habits, and remove the app from your phone.

Pros of Telematics

  • Reduction of auto rates for the life of the policy.
  • Ability to work with newer drivers to understand their driving habits.
  • Helps promote better driving habits including less distracted driving.

Cons of Telematics

  • Drivers with long commutes or commutes from midnight – 4AM may not benefit from any savings.
  • Poor driving habits can lead to no credit or even a rate increase.

If you would like to learn more about Telematics options available to you, please contact our office and we can discuss specifics with you in more detail.

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